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RI Church/Ministry Consultation

Ministry Director: Dr. Fred Bennett

Are you achieving your vision? If not, why not? We have all heard it said that “we don’t know what we don’t know.” Church/Ministry Consultation can help you fill in the blanks with coaching that equips you to take your next step.


Church/Ministry Consultation provides key areas of evaluation to help you break barriers and fulfil your destiny. Like a car engine, if one cylinder is not firing properly, power is lost and the whole experience is diminished. If even one key area is not present or tuned properly, your church or ministry may never accomplish it's mission.


Our national leader for this invaluable service is Dr. Fred Bennett, one of our RI Executive Directors.





He and wife Valerie Bennett are founders of a mega church in the Memphis TN area where they served as senior pastors for thirty years.  They later successfully transitioned the church to their son, and have pursued an international ministry traveling to churches & ministries around the world with powerful preaching, teaching, and prophetic ministry. They continue to be in-demand for conferences and Kingdom building events as gifted communicators of true revival.


They also understand the importance and impact of media, having served as hosts for TBN, and The Miracle Channel (Canada's version of TBN). They are authors of over a dozen life impacting books and frequently host Marriage Advantage Seminars to teach the power and beauty of a marriage built on Jesus Christ.


Most recently, Dr. Bennett has answered the call to provide exceptional coaching and leadership for those desiring seasoned and successful guidance on how to build God's kingdom. He spent a year in post-graduate studies to earn the coveted “Certified Church Consultant” Certificate from Church Consultation University, with Chairman Dr. Thom Rainer.





















In addition to his wealth of education and professional experience, the training this certificate represents now qualifies Dr. Bennett to provide the following:

  • Church Health Survey

  • Community Demographic Report

  • Community Psychographic Report

  • Secret Guest Survey

  • Leadership Interviews, Coaching, Follow-up

  • Comprehensive Consultation Report

  • Step By Step Strategy

  • Website Analysis

Fred and wife Valerie are a pastor's/minister's best friend, having "been there and done that." You can be sure that when you enlist the Church/Ministry Consultation Service, it can be a lot more than just a Sunday morning message, depending on what your interests are.

If you are ready to take your next step up, Dr. Fred Bennet is ready to assist you. Contact him today to discuss moving forward with a Church/Ministry Consultation. You can't afford to "not know what you don't know", or to keep making fixable mistakes for another 52 weeks. Another set of eyes can help you see & correct the blind spots that are holding you and your team back. The good news is God has a plan for your success, and the solution can pay for itself.


Cost is Reasonable: Professional Church/Ministry Consultation will give your church or ministry an immediate boost, with long term momentum. Leaders often spend money on a lot of things to improve their ministry...guests, programs, facility purchases, media purchases, advertising, etc., but most of them don't make a noticeable LONG-TERM difference. Invest in Church/Ministry Consultation for your church/ministry health and future, and Dr. Fred Bennett promises to partner with you for achievable success.

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