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"There is a prophetic cry being released from the heart of God for the bell ringes to rise up in our generation. I believe that Fred Bennett has captured the heart of God. If you are one of those with fire burning in your heart for a move of the Spirit, a tourch bearer, one of those that is called as the keeper of the flame, then I know you will be inspired to press into the heart of God. Fred and Val Bennett are a wonderful team with pastor's hearts and a prophetic cry. Their many years of fruitful ministry and mature leadership is the Body of Christ give them the platform that the Lord is using to change lives around the world through multi-media and annointed ministry. 

Bell Ringers is a "now revelation" and a much needed perspective for the Church today."

- Dr. Russ Moyer


"God has never changed. He has always called for Holiness from His people. The book you are about to read is part of the Fathers end time plan of restoring what has been lost and what has been diluted. He is calling us to walk in holiness again. As we quickly scan the past 100 years (a short time from God's perspective), we can see howHe has been restoring and preparing His bride for His return. Bell Ringers focuses on Gods heart for our holiness. The bible says, "Be ye holy as I am holy". Fred Bennett and his wife Val, have had the privelidge to see many facets o what God is doing in our day; from building a mega church in Memphis to ministering to huge crowds in Africa and Asia. They have seen God do so much and have now dedicated themselves to be available for whatever the Father desires in this day. Bell Ringers is a product of man saying, "I will do what you want me to do, go where you want me to go and say what you wnat me to say". This book is a composite of 40 years of ministry mixed with the heart of the Father for this hour. Fred Bennett is a man on a mission but it's not about Fred's mission, it's about the fathers yearning and His declaration that He is coming back soon for His chirch without spot or wrinkle."

- George Woodward

  President, 700 Club Canada

Bell Ringers - A Holy Calling

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