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For Girl Friends:

This book is about eating the proper nutrients, the word of God is order to live a victorious life and impact one's surroundings. Too many times we substitute God's work for 'Junk Food' often called 'Comfort Food' in order to alleviate the : disease, discomfort, discouragement, discouragement, distress, and dis whatever! White Chocolate and 'Tarte au Sucre' will not do it!

My prayer is that after having gone through this book on a diet of 100 days of 'real food', you will be stronger, healthier in your mund, your emotions and your body.

It only takes 21 days to build a habit. Build one that will last a lifetime by going through this book in 100 days. Only God's word will accomplish that goal. Let's allow Him to feed us, fill us, satiate us, and most of all nourish us.

Comfort Food

SKU: 978-1-4507-5774-4
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