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Caution! Earthquake Zone...spiritual earthquakes are going on around us all the time...head-on collisions between the Spirit of God and the Spirit of darkness in competition for dominance in your life, your future, your family, your church, your ministry, your city, and your world. The resulting tremors are either shaking you, or they are shaking the enemy's camp. God is sending a spiritual earthquake of New Testament pattern and power to shake and shape the church for a massive end-time harvest. More than visionary, OE will giveyou the practical steps to begin the journey.


Dr. David Shibley, President Global Advance: "...unpacks valuable life lessons that willhelp you literally shake and shape your generation for Christ and His Kingdom.


Dr. Nolan Logan, President Cornerstone Foundation: "...birthed out of compassioin to see the Great Commission of Christ fulfilled ...brings real meaning to end time happenings."


Bishop Timothy lfedioranma, National Director Victory Churches Nigeria Africa: "Thisbook is as timely and necessary as any book that will be written in these final days... amust read for every believer"


Dr. Jim Craig, President Reed to Pillar Ministries "...will challenge us as individuals, pasotrs, and the church as a whole, keeping us focused for the mission of reaching a changing world."


Dr. Fred Bennett: "...a dear friend and co-laborer for the will be blessedas he pours out his heart in this book and calls on all of us to "shake the world fromwhere we are!"


For over thirty-five years, George Black has served as a staff pastor in eight churches and has a unique perspective on what it takes to grow healthy members, ministries, and churches. George and wife Cathy are founding pastors of Rejoice Churchin Olive Branch, MS, and are affiliated with Victory Churches USA where George serves as one of the founding directors.

Operation Earthquake

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