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Click link below to Register for Saturday

 Zoom Meetings @ 5pm CST (GMT-6)

With Rejoice Global Fellowship 

Hosted by George & Cathy Black

You will receive an email when you register with a JOIN MEETING link that is your personal access to the Zoom Fellowships, and you can use it any Saturday and on any device.

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Rejoice Global Fellowships are connection meetings on ZOOM for believers to come together, build relationships, and support each other from across America and everywhere in the world.

Hosted by George & Cathy Black, the founders of Rejoice Church in 1995, and Rejoice International Network in 2011, 

RGF makes it possible for all believers, whether leader or layman, to connect to a powerful community for strength and encouragement that helps us to build God's Kingdom from where we are.

All meetings free. Donations to expand RI's global mission are always welcome. RI also offers a Minister's Partnership Circle separate from RGF for all church leaders.

Content is being rolled out quickly to help empower believers in their walk with Christ, like our daily devotions on our RI YouTube Channel, and soon, a Prayer Request page.

More is on the way, so please bookmark this page.

All meetings free. Donations to expand our global mission welcome.

PayPal:  paypalme/RejoiceInternational

CashApp:  $RejoiceInternational


 (Devotions are taken from The Word For You Today, Alpharetta GA)


VIdeo Readings Available At This YouTube Link:

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You can also click the link below to view devotions

(Links will not work until the posted date)


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Jan 1 Bible Devotion:

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